The Competitive Program is designed for the serious dancer who demonstrates a natural apt for dance as well as passion for performing. Students who show drive and determination in all classes, while upholding strong work ethic are invited to inquire about our Competitive Program.

There is a great sense of accomplishment when participating on the Competitive Team. In addition to new skills and strengthened technique, a true sense of teamwork is attained as well as one’s self-esteem. The confidence students acquire along with unmatched life lessons are immeasurable.

At Protégé Dance Company, we work hard and have fun too! We take pride in our students’ technical execution as well as their performance quality. However, the real success isn’t measured by the numerous accolades our team receives year-after-year, but in the acknowledgement and praise of our team’s professionalism, kindness and humility from the community.

Time and time again our team is complimented on their grace when accepting awards, respectfulness towards others and their genuine and positive energy both on and off the stage. We support our own and others, taking a holistic approach to competitive training. In addition, our in-house mentorship program cultivates a natural big sister big brother platform, where our senior dancers become fantastic role models to the young ones.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Protégé Dance Company's Competitive Team begins at 6 years of age.

Two DISTINCT Competitive Programs are offered at Protégé Dance Company

Part-Time Program

Designed for the high school student (Gr. 9-12) who wishes to dance a maximum of 5-6 hours per week. Four (4) mandatory classes: ballet, jazz, lyrical and choice of: tap or hip hop. Part-Time Company competes in jazz and lyrical groups only. No solo/duet/trios. Competitive Team Attendance Policy is in effect.

Full-Time Program

Designed for the serious dancer (8yrs & up) who is self-motivated, self-disciplined, thrives on challenge and understands commitment to the team. An intensive weekly schedule
(ie: 10-20 hours per week, depending on age and level, etc.) is adhered to. Training in ballet, jazz, tap, acro, lyrical, contemporary, stretch, jumps & turns and hip hop with choreography/performance opportunities reflective of these disciplines. Students attracted to goal-setting will excel in this program. Groups are mandatory. Solo, Duet and Trio's are by invitation only.


Competitive Team Attendance Policy

Attendance at the competitive level is mandatory. Absenteeism is not tolerated. Any student who misses class without prior permission may result in a student's limited participation in events such as: competitions, year-end showcase, dance exams, etc, and/or removal from the team.

Protégé Dance Company reserves the right to ask for the withdrawal of any student whose behaviour is disruptive or jeopardizes the progress of other students.

Interested in joining our competitive team?

Any student interested in becoming a part of our competitive team must be assessed.

Please contact Miss Christine to arrange an assessment. 

Protégé Dance Company welcomes all newcomers with open arms! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


"Hi Miss Christine,

I wanted to take a moment to say how pleased I am with Claire's progress this year. Since Claire started with the competitive team, I have seen significant development in her confidence, self-expression, responsibility and team spirit. I credit much of that to the positive influence of her teachers and fellow students at Protégé. I am impressed by the poise she shows in the face of challenges, and it's clear that she is benefiting from strong role models at the studio.

Thank you for creating such a healthy atmosphere at Protégé."

- Best Regards
Dave Horan

"I just wanted to send a few pictures to share some of the wonderful moments from Natalie's first competition. I am thankful for the opportunity and we appreciate it very much. Natalie is so happy as is evidenced in every picture she takes. I am also happy that she gets to spend time with great role models at Protégé both young and old alike. My only child now has big sisters who are just as passionate about dance as she is 😁!!!"

- Daphne Lewis